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Of all of the surfaces in a building, the floors experience the most wear and tear. With people walking on them, chairs being pushed across them and everything else that happens on floors, floors will eventually start to wear. And all floors are subjected to damage, including carpets, hardwood floors, tile and vinyl. Even with routine care and proper maintenance, floors will eventually become worn, dull or scuffed, especially in those high traffic areas.

In order to keep your floors and carpets looking their best, regular cleaning is essential to keep your home or place of business looking clean. At Kingdom Floors & Janitorial Service, we provide floor cleaning in Houston, TX. Over that time, we have developed an outstanding approach to getting floors all types of floors cleaned.

No matter what type of flooring you have, we guarantee our professional, highly experienced and reliable crew will get them sparkling clean. At Kingdom Floors & Janitorial Service, no floor is too big or too small, or too dirty or worn for us to handle.

Upon contacting us, we will discuss your individual needs and then send our crew out to assess your flooring. Once we have a firm idea of exactly what type of cleaning your floors need, we will put our magic to work.

  • We can wax, stain and seal your wood floors to restore their beauty and protect them.
  • We will polish the tiles and remove those pesky stains that are gunking up the grout to make your tile floors look brand new.
  • We will get out all stains, dirt and smells from your carpet floors to give your home or office a fresh, new look and smell.

When Kingdom Flooring & Janitorial Services is on the job, you can be sure that your floors will be sparkling clean.

We use the highest quality products and tools in order to ensure that your floors look amazing.

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